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  10 July 2015

ISID Mold Solution Forum

    Promoting advanced mold development locally

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      There are many questions from mold manufacturers in Thailand such as how to train local engineer, how to maintain knowledge when staff turnover etc. These questions become larger. In addition, there are great demands to support the change of mold and reduce the importing of high degree of difficulty to be develop in domestic. Therefore it is necessary to solve many of issue such as the operational problems etc. This seminar is not only introduce software function but also share information of how to solve those business challenges. We will introduce the effective overall ISID mold development solutions to solve that.

      Sponsorship : ISID South East of ASIA(Thailand) Co.,Ltd , ISID Co.,Ltd
      Support : Mitutoyo(Thailand)Co., Ltd. Support : Okuma Techno (Thailand) Ltd

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