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Engineering Solutions

In order to support product development process of sophisitcated and complicated manufacturing, we provide a variety of solutions for solving issues in the one stop from the planning until production. We would support further strenghtening of the "manufacturing capability" of customers.

  Business Functions

  • Integrated CAD/CAM/CAE
    •  NX
      • NX is an integrated solution for digital product development. The application has been integrated common foundation of engineering process management and product data, to support the entire business of product development design, design, analysis, drawing, mold design, processing and manufacturing, production from the product concept design. NX allows you to improve operational efficiency of the relevant departments through the entire development process.

      •  CAD
        • - It supports solid modeling parametric feature-based incorporating the model design intent, direct modeling nonparametric can free shape change,such as surface modeling and wire frame, any design modeling techniques, faster and more simple and efficient I want to enable the design.

          - It has a design tool specialized sheet metal, wiring, plumbing, welding, such as ergonomics, the process of professional design field, you can as well as full digital mock-up created to carry out the verification.

          - You can do without stress evaluation by the design environment that corresponds to the large-scale assembly utilizing the viewer technology.

          - Even data created by CAD in another, can be made reusable, including the parametric modeling of the direct.

          - The automatic check of the design, and continues to monitor the compliance of such specified requirements and design standards, providing early detection of problems, and reduce rework associated with it.

      •  CAM
        • - Turning, milling, wire electrical discharge machining, 5-axis machining, drilling, such as multi-tasking machine support, I is compatible with a wide range of NC programming.

          - Verification and tool path creation, post-processing, such as (including assembly and modeling of parts / Machine tools / tools) machine tool simulation, it is compatible with a cooperation and extensive all the elements required by the NC programming system.

          - By advancing automation and processing specification standardized by the feature-based processing, the standardization of the procedure using a process wizard, you can apply to work effectively the know-how of experts.

      •  CAE
        • - You can analysis is performed immediately by the analysis environment that is integrated with CAD, designers without any change of tools and data conversion. In addition, because it has the association of analytical data between the shape data, it is possible to perform rapid re-analysis due to the shape change and trial and error, and strongly supports the optimization of shape by the analysis.

          - It is possible that the wizard function, to perform quick and easy analysis sophisticated and complex. Optimization analysis tool in conjunction with design shape parameters is also provided, making it easy to design studies that take advantage of the analysis also to non-expert users.

          - It corresponds to the needs of the analysis specialist's not only designers solver corresponding strength analysis (linear / non-linear), thermal analysis, vibration analysis, thermal fluid analysis, the mechanism analysis, by the pre / post processor corresponding to the advanced analysis.

    •  NX I-deas Series
      • NX I-deas Series is a 3D integrated CAD/CAM/CAE software for the development process machine automation products, developed by Siemens PLM Software Ltd. (United States of America) From concept to the level of production, NX I-deas Series provides the necessary power for product design development.
        This software supports you to enhance your design in details part and allows you to design in the context of the assembly in the advanced features. NX I-deas Series Modeling features is modified to be flexible.
        For the product development team today, a support system that truly drives engineering design is important You can use the NX I-deas Series to manage all the important data to complete the work.
        In order to protect your existing data and able to communicate between suppliers and customers, NX I-deas Series supports the CAD direct translator to many format such as IGES, DXF, and STEP etc. In addition, I-deas Solution Network provides the interface of third-party solutions for a wide range of custom solutions.
    •  CAE-ONE
    •  CADdoctor
    •  Altair (INSPIRE)

  • Die and Mold
    •  Mold Planner
      • In the design and manufacturing process, mold design is dependent on the shape of the product, because that each product has a unique shape and number of parts are large, the process is unlikely to improve work efficiency. In addition, effects of solidifying mold design which has been carried out in the conventional two-dimensional into three-dimensional are recognized. On the other hand, for the design of the mold structure, problem of manpower increasing by three-dimensional is becoming manifest now. "Mold Planner" is a mold design support application which was developed in order to slove these problems. Information Services International - Dentsu helps in speed-up of mold design by equiping technology which has been developed with our customers in 30 years as commands.

  • Engineer Consulting Service
  • Digital Manufacturing
    •  iQUAVIS
    •  Tecnomatix
      •  Process Simulate Robotic (PSR)
      •  Plant Simulation
        • Plant Simulation, the production simulator, is a tool that supports the analysis and finds the solution for each issue in different situation. It supports from large to small issue. For example, working site improvement, decrease lead time, reduce cost, or realize the vertical start-up in various situations, such as, when establish a plant/line, before and after start a production line, or change a production line, etc.

    •  Teamcenter Visualization
    •  R-3D
      • R-3D is the original software, developed by ISID, to make work effective with using 3D data. It has functions to read and measure 3D data with using 3D data format “JT”. Moreover, it has optional functions to create process design, assembly drawing, and so on.

  • Smart Factory
    •  Digital Torque Wrench
      • Digital Torque Wrench「DIGITAL RATCHET MEMORQUE」will let realize traceability of tightening torque to transfer to PC. It is possible to avoid trouble from tightening torque error by managing actual value result exactly.

    •  i-Reporter
      • i-Reporter is the newest style of “on-site” recording, reporting, and monitoring that merge between digital and handwriting using on iPad, iPhone, and Windows tablet. Changing the necessary handwritten document to electronic format could help you to improve efficiency and quality, speed up, and decrease cost.

    •  MC-Web Controller
      • MC-Web CONTROLLER can easily acquire and visualize information, i.e. equipment’s operating status, with less construction, without stopping equipment even old one that does not connect to the internet.

    •  Pack Assistant
      • PackAssistant is a software for the purpose of production optimization which is developed for packaging optimization of container by partnership like BMW, Audi and so on. This software is developed by Fraunhofer who is a German research organization with 67 institutes spread throughout Germany.

    •  Vanning Master
      • Vanning-Master is an Optimization Software for Load Planning. It finds not only the best container sizes to use for your mixed products, but also the best way they should be loaded onto pallets or into trucks and containers.
        Vanning-Master reduces shipping and transport costs through intelligent cargo loading and optimal space utilization algorithm.

  • PLM
    •  Teamcenter
    •  Teamcenter Manufacturing
      •  Manufacturing Solutions
      •  Design
      •  Analysis (CAE)
      •  Production Engineering/ Manufacturing
      •  Development, design and manufacturing process
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