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Business Solutions

We provide variety of solutions that support the foundation of many business activities such as accounting, business management, human resources, and ERP. We have a practical support of "Global & Group Management" through IT services and oversea network that is based on rich operation knowledge.

  Business Functions

  • Logistic
  • Business Integration
    •  Business Spectre
      • With its simplified data extraction process, Business SPECTRE users can now extract the encrypted SAP data and store decrypted data quickly in the Microsoft SQL Server. Besides providing unparalleled insights into the information, users can also enjoy visual simplicity including interactive gauges, charts, widgets and pivot tables, making it easy to present complex business data clearly and test out future business scenarios.

      •    Features & Benefits
        • - ISID's original BI solution for SAP
        • - Easy to implement and maintain
        • - Visualize all your SAP business data into interactive gauges, charts, widgets and pivot tables
        • - Engage in faster decision making process when you use the interactive dashboard that comes with connection to
          stream real-time data feeds
        • - Tracking operations with interactive real-time ready standard reports & drill-down pivot tables
        • - Share interactive insights across all your business users
        • - Ability to export reports to your desired formats such as PDF, Excel & Word
        • - Scalable to all users inside and outside of an organization